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Feed The Soil is a programme where compost is made from organic waste collected from households. By purchasing and using our Food Waste Kit, you actively form part of our new urban farming eco-system through growing community gardens – From paying forward your organic waste to buying fresh produce grown from it – it’s a sustainable circular eco-system.

Your Food Waste Tool Kit will include

  • 1 x 5 litre Organic Waste Bin
  • 1 x 25 litre Storage Bin
  • 1 x bag of Sawdust
  • 1 x bag of Bokashi

The Process

  • 5 litre bucket is the kitchen bucket – put this on your kitchen counter or under your sink.
  • 25 litre bucket is the storage bucket that can stay in your garage.
  • Before starting to deposit your organic/food waste into your 25 litre bucket, please throw your sawdust in first so that it sits at the base.
  • Seal the lid of your 25 litre container after each deposit from your 5 litre kitchen bucket.
  • Once your 25 litre bucket is full, throw a handful of bokashi on top and seal the lid shut.
  • DO NOT contaminate your waste with plastic, glass or metals.

What is compostable for our community gardens?

Food waste, meat, bones, dairy products, milk, cheese, pieces of bread, cakes, pasta, rice, tea bags, coffee grounds, filter paper, wax paper, paper towels, flowers, fruit and vegetable peels, and plate scrapings.

What is NOT compostable?

Sugar sachets, cigarette butts, plastic, food wrapped plastic, tin cans, glass, broken glassware, cutlery, straws, plastic cutlery, cling wrap, tin foil, glass containers, plastic containers, milk bottle lids and packets, plastic meat wrappings and silicone baking paper.

After ordering your Organic Waste Kit, the online store manager will be in contact with you to arrange delivery to your home or collection from our pop-up station in Sea Point.

JOIN our team every Wednesday between 08:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Sunset Beach parking lot (Taxi Rank) in Sea Point opposite the Peninsula Hotel to swap your organic waste and buy fresh organic produce.

We have card payment facilities and SnapScan option.


Additional information

Weight 1.48 kg
Dimensions 39 × 31.5 × 32.5 cm

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